Dave Foley

Technically, we weren’t supposed to take candid pictures of the guests. However, Dave Foley was a sweetheart and overrode his handler’s objections.

I got to talk to him a little bit, too. I told him how hilarious he was in Sky High as the teacher of the sidekicks, and I wished that there had been a sequel. He said that I wasn’t the first person that day to mention Sky High and how surprised he was. I honestly can’t imagine why he’d be surprised!

Brandon Routh

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Brandon Routh! (Twitter) Honestly, we weren’t going to get an autograph from him because of time (we were selling at Pop Expo for the second year in a row) and money (I’m in school). But it turned out that we had the time (very small turnout – it was disappointing) and the money. We happened to walk past Brandon Routh’s table when there was no line, and he was still there, so we walked right up to him. We said that we loved him in Partners (comedy show of a half season in length that is brilliant and should never have been cancelled!) and he replied that he loved that show, too. He was so incredibly sweet! (Morgan of Geek Charming has an awesome story about her meeting with him here). AND the best part? He loved my TARDIS. He liked it so much that he wrote down the number of our booth, and then searched it out! Totally made my weekend.


John Barrowman

“Shall we dance?” asked Jen, holding out the TARDIS.

“Great idea!” replied John Barrowman, pulling Jen tightly against him. “What will you do?” he continued, asking Eric over Jen’s shoulder.

“I will tap Jen on the shoulder, asking to cut in to dance with you.” responded Eric with a cheeky wink.

“Excellent!” laughed John Barrowman.

John Barrowman and us small

Dave Bautista


I asked Dave Bautista (Facebook, Twitter) who his hero was when he was growing up, and how it felt to be a hero to today’s generation. His answer: “Great questions. My hero is Lou Ferrigno. It is intimidating and an honour to be thought of as a hero.”

I love his answer!! It was quite amazing to meet him. 😀

Matt Smith

Matt Smith had an extremely long line at his autograph table. He still tried to make each person’s time special.

I asked him what was his favourite thing about acting in Doctor Who. He replied that making friends with Karen [Gillan] and Arthur [Darvill] was the best part. (Aww!) I then asked for a picture with the TARDIS, which he wasn’t allowed to do, but he grabbed it and signed the top of it. (What!) Pictures of Matt returning the TARDIS and the signed top below.