Stress relief with an arm injury

Hello Readers,

My biggest stress relievers before my injury were playing video games, making pretty noises on the ukulele, reading, writing, and baking.

All of those use your arms.

I was able to make some adjustments and still bake. I have an excellent helper and a wonderful new mixer. I can even write in small bursts or with text to speech.

I can read on my kobo if I prop it on some pillows. However, reading outside the house is near impossible without hurting my neck. I definitely can’t read when I’m getting physio. My wonderful wife recomended I listen to an audiobook.

We owned the Percy Jackson series so I listened to those and they were great. I then discovered the AMAZING selection of audiobooks available at the Ottawa Public Library. I’m really impressed with their selection.

Audiobooks have been a massive help in relaxing while at work. I’m currently supposed to work 20 minutes and then rest for 30. I do my stretches and listen to my audiobooks. It’s relaxing and means I’m not holding my phone or figiting too much.

So yes, Yay for audiobooks! And double yay for the OPL!

Stay safe and be kind,


Ottawa Public Library

You don’t always have to travel far away to do things involving Fandom. On May 6th starting at 1pm, the Ottawa Public Library is hosting a Comics in Conversation panel, with speakers Meags Fitzgerald (Photobooth, Long Red Hair) and Ryan North (Adventure Time, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl!!!!). And then Josephine Rioux (Cat’s Cradle) will be hosting an illustration workshop for teens (age 12-18).

All of this will be happening at the Ruth E Dickinson branch (100 Malvern in Barrhaven), and is sponsored by The Wizard’s Tower.

Who’s planning on attending?

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If you are interested in booking a trip. You can contact Jennifer Desmarais through Orleans Travel.