Week 28 – Springtime with Roo Results

Virtual school was a bit of a struggle this week, especially at the beginning, mostly because one of the teachers was having trouble with her microphone. There was a special visit from a firefighter, who talked about the importance of fire safety in the home. (Although we have a Nest protect, not a traditional fire detector, so Dragon was very confused.)

They learned the letter ‘c’. Dragon loves the printing portion of the day.

After lunch, they did a subtraction game, and Dragon DEMOLISHED it. But when she tried a more complicated one that was timed, she panicked and forgot everything. Poor thing. I don’t like timed math either.

Homeschool went well this week.


She did ballet 2 times this week.


Piano: she practiced her finger exercises every day this week. Their lesson went really well. Dragon was very focussed. Finger exercises, you could tell that she had practiced. They did lessons 3,4,&5. She did very well, focussed and tried hard. They did clapping and counting before playing, and it worked a little bit; they’ll keep trying that. Then they did chopsticks, and she’s improving in that too.

We have a French playlist that I can play through the Google, with a variety of artists.


She did not do any crochet this week.

Basic Information

We are working on yesterday (hier) and tomorrow (demain) around any given day. The months of the year is going well. We’re working on the month before and after any given month. That’s coming slowly.

The saisons de l’année are all memorized. We’re working on how each of them feel and the types of things we can do during each of them.

When I ask her “combien” for any of the above, she now responds in complete sentences.

Printing words

Printing went very well this week.

Counting objects/math-type activities

She had no problems with the counting worksheet. She has been counting to 72 out loud. I have started using a counting book to show her what the numbers look like, and she counts to 100 while looking at it, with a small amount of assistance in the 70s and 90s. We continued counting by tens. It’s a work in progress that’s getting easier each week.

She loved that “neuf oeufs” rhymed!

Math went well and we finally had a breakthrough with adding large numbers, where she started with the large number and added the smaller number to it.


We read stories from the teacher’s outline that was sent to us on Monday. She enjoyed that, and we will continue to do it next week.

We watched Vampirina in French on Disney Plus, one episode a day. Dragon is enjoying it immensely, and is even recognizing some words! We’re almost done the second season and we’ll have to find a new show to watch soon.


Painting eggs – We made paper mache eggs on Wednesday and let them dry. Then we painted them on Saturday. I think they turned out rather well.

Make a daffodil – we ended up not doing this one

Paint a flower pot – We painted flower pots on Friday. Dragon really enjoyed it.

Week 28 – Springtime with Roo

I watched this movie for the first time last year. I don’t particularly enjoy it, but Dragon does, and it’s kinda cute. (I love Roo)

Here is the link for the downloadable materials. (Please let me know if you have any problems so I can fix it!)

Watch moviepainting eggsmake a daffodilpaint a flower potFlex

Summary of the week

Daily details:


Ballet and martial arts on alternate days


Singing, listening to different pieces, learning piano


The project she is working on (currently she is making herself a poncho)

Basic Information

We talk about the days of the week and play games with the cutouts of the names. We do the same thing with the names of the months of the year. You can find the print-outs here.

Printing words

In download materials

Counting objects/math-type activities

Practice counting objects and writing how many of each type –in download materials

Addition and pattern – worksheet in download materials



Painting eggs – link to paper mache egg

Make a daffodil – link to activity

Paint a flower pot – link to activity

Next week: The Secret World of Arrietty