Virtual Nerd Con Holiday Edition

Do you want to explore a 3D Convetion? How about a FREE 3D convention?

Join JenEric Designs and Coffee at our booth and check out what we have to sell for this holiday season. First orders on both days get a surprise.

Join us Nov 7-8 2020 for the next edition of Virtual NerdCon!

​Get your free tickets now!!

Be sure to download VirBela to join us! (Windows and Mac)


Hope to see you there!

And don’t forget to check out…

The Holiday Shopping List

Find all your holiday gifts from local Canadian Artists.


Hello Coffee Lovers!

We had a blast at Virtual Nerd Con this past weekend and there are a few codes left. Each code was limited to 5 uses so hurry and get the coffee you want. Unfortunately, you can only use one code per order. (Square’s rules, not ours. Contact us if there’s a combo you want and we can try to work something out for you!)

The codes give you 30% Off a specific coffee.

  • MCC30 – Mint Chocolate Chip
  • CIN30 – Cinnamon
  • PCH30 – Peach
  • PPM30 – Peppermint
  • PMK30 – Pumpkin

Go forth and order coffee.

Now I need to go make myself some.

Be kind and caffeinate,