I have failed!

Hello My imaginary Friends,

For the second year in a row, I have failed NaNoWriMo and neither I or Oliver Queen isn’t very happy about it.

As you can see below, I ended with 32,033 words. That’s roughly 18,000 below what I’d need to win.

What does this really mean? Does it mean I didn’t write 18,000 words, or does it mean that I actually managed to write 32,000 words?

This is the second year in a row that I failed NaNoWriMo and it’s partially because of how busy I am and partially because I didn’t want to kill myself writing. What it really means is that I decided to take my health and mental health and put it before my writing. It’s something I will always do because my writing is something I love and I’d rather fail a word count than burn out and not write for months.

Last year’s novel was crap. It needs a complete re-write with some serious consideration about what it is. I consider it a failure on every level.

This year’s novel needs polishing and another couple of thousand words and it’ll be done. This was a very personal novel; part memoir and part memory. It might never see the light of day, I’ll get my Weditor and others let me know.

So if you didn’t win at NaNoWriMo then you should still be proud that you wrote something because that’s the goal.


Later Days,


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