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It’s unusual in both Urban Fantasy and Romance to have a series in which the leads fall in love and get married quickly. It’s even rarer to see a happy couple working together without the angst of miscommunication or “dark secrets from their past” adding to the drama. 

So why did we decide to write a wedding with no romantic angst for the second book in The Gates of Westmeath series? There are two main reasons.

The first being that these two characters fell in love fast and hard. They are not tentative people, and once they’ve made up their minds, they stick to their plans. So unless we introduced some sort of drama, it would be an odd outlier in their behaviour.

Second was that we were excited at the idea of writing a wedding in this world and with these characters. Their romance arc has always been about trusting each other and becoming partners, and this felt like the next logical step.

Adding monsters to contrast the wedding preparations and family drama was a delicious challenge.

But what do the characters think?

The Ariki and I

By Juleka J. Jameson

I had the privilege to sit with the Ariki and his future bride, and ask them about the upcoming nuptials.

Juleka: Jason and Kennedy, thank you for speaking with me today. What are you most excited about for the wedding?

Kennedy Fairfield: Getting my family all together with friends and Jason’s family. It’s going to be a whole week of celebrating!

Jason Johnson: The Community Ball. I look forward to introducing Kennedy formally to the Community. She’s made my life so much better just by being in it and I want to share that energy with the Community.

Juleka: Many are surprised by the quick about face from stoic leader to loving family man. What brought about the change?

Jason: Several attempts on my life and Kennedy saving it.

Kennedy: I only saved you the first time.

Juleka: Speaking of saving lives, Kennedy, you were whisked away by the Phantom, Westmeath’s very own superhero. How was that experience and is he as handsome in person?

Kennedy: I was! He even let me put on clothes first.

Juleka: That sounds like a story! Go on.

Kennedy: *laughs* Not really. I was in between outfits at a fashion show. It was quite exciting to be whisked away through shadows, and rather thrilling to trust someone so completely without knowing them. He had a nice jawline, but the mask covered my favourite part of a person – his eyes.

Juleka: Sounds dreamy. Any jealousy about that, Jason?

Jason: Yes, absolutely. I’m extremely jealous that the Phantom has never tried to save me. It would have been very useful several times.

Juleka: Speaking of the Phantom, he and his new partner have been fighting some new threats in the form of giant monsters. Are you worried about an attack on your wedding day?

Kennedy: None of the attacks have been near Oldtown or the church, so I guess we might want to hire security for the shuttle between the two?

Jason: Definitely going to get extra security, but honestly, the Phantom and the Wraith have this well in hand, and if anything happens, the Community isn’t defenceless.

Juleka: Enough politics. Tell me about the dress!

Kennedy: Even my mother hasn’t seen it! I can’t tell you much. I can tell you it’s being designed by the Turgenevas at Seams Likeable, and I hired a lace maker in Baker called Inara Kotosuga who is absolutely brilliant. You’ll have to see it after the wedding. I’ve agreed to let Seams Likeable display it for the rest of the month of June.

Juleka: I can’t wait to see it and thank you for letting me and our photographer cover the wedding. The ball and the wedding promise to be the social events of the year. Do you have any surprises planned that you can let our readers know?

Jason: That’s not how surprises work, Juleka. We are not expecting any surprises. Other than the last minute details, everything should be smooth and expected.

Jason couldn’t be more wrong, find out all the surprises in Monsters! Incidental Wedding Guests

Cover art by @pinkpiggy93 on Tumblr and Instagram

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