Cover Reveal for Monsters! Incidental Wedding Guests

It is my great privilege to show you the cover for our newest book: Monsters! Incidental Wedding Guests. It is an urban fantasy romance, and it’s coming to bookstores on June 14, 2023!

Cover art by the incomparable @pinkpiggy93/@flowerraven93. Cover design by Éric Desmarais and Nathan Fréchette.

What happens when superheroes plan a wedding? Monsters, that’s what.

Kennedy and Jason are ready to get married. They just have to deal with evaporating monsters first. Available for pre-order soon. (Keep an eye on our blog by signing up for posts in your inbox!)

The State of Éric – November 2023

Hello Family, Friendns, and Fans,

A lot of stuff is happening so let’s do this rapidfire:

Queer Christmas Craft Fair

As we mentioned in a previous post, we’ll be at Queer Christmas Craft Fair tomorrow (Saturday November 25th) from 10-2. Come get your coffee!!!


Jen and I are writing the next book in The Gates of Westmeath series and it’s awesome. The only thing keeping me from binge writing right now is that we’re doing the first pass at editing Monsters! Incidental Wedding Guests (Coming June 2024). As much as I love writing, I despise editing. Like everything else in the writing process, it’s much easier to do with Jen.

Renaissance has Copper Tarnish, Stories! The First Unexpected Collection, and Faymous and I will hopefully hear in the new year if they’ll publish or pass.


I’ve been acting (in government that means I’m doing the job but it’s not permanent) at a higher level as a Web Accessibility specialist. It’s pretty much an evolution of my old job as print and PDFs fall out of favour, but it’s a promotion.

This week I signed my papers to make it permanent. It’s better pay and duties that are no longer 10 years antiquated. So yay!


I’ve seen a neuro-opthamologist and had lots of tests including another MRI. Everything came back clean except for a loss of vision in my left eye and the fact that my left eye dilated slower than my right. He thinks I had some sort of nerve issue and he’s sending me to a neurologist and has set up a follow up for June.

Yay nothing serious and that he believes me but boo I didn’t get any answers.

That’s about it now.

Stay safe and be kind,


We’re Writing Again :-)

Hello Friends, Family, Fans, and Readers,

It’s happening again! AGAIN! Jen and I are writing another book.

This is the third Gates of Westmeath book and I’m absolutely loving writing and reading it.

I absolutely love writing with Jen. It’s like having a super-fan to pump you up for writing and like getting to read your favourite book as it’s being made!

This going to be book 3, and book 2 Monsters! Incidental Wedding Guests will be coming out spring 2024. We’ll post pre-order links as soon as we get them, and stay tuned for the cover reveal and other sneak peeks!

I’m so excited to be writing this book and I can’t wait to see what happens.

Stay safe and be kind,


Book Contract for The Gates of Westmeath Book 2

Hello Readers,

Renaissance Press has agreed to to publish the sequel to Assassins! Accidental Matchmakers.

The Gates of Westmeath Book 2 Monsters! Incidental Wedding Guests will be published, hopefully, June 2024!

Thank you for reading!

Jen and Éric

Holy Moley! We did it again!

Hello My Imaginary Friends,

I was going to say Oops! We did it again!, but there was no oops; we planned and plotted and then wrote.

Jen and I have finished the second book in the Gates of Westmeath series, Monsters! Incidental Wedding Guests.

I’ve considered writing with someone else in the past, and it’s always felt like more work than it’s worth. I like control of my worldbuilding and I like when my story and characters suddenly go left. I didn’t think I could do that with another writer.

Jen has listened and helped me with my books for over a decade. She knows more about some aspects than I do. (I have a terrible memory.)

It’s been a joy writing with her. Being able to bounce ideas of each other and build on our mutual excitement makes writing more fun. It’s helped eliminate the slump I usually get at the third mark of a book.

It’s not all perfect; we fought a few times over silly things (mostly because of my insecurity and feeling like I didn’t contribute enough words), but overall it was amazing and I can’t wait to do it again. (Okay, I can wait. I’m tired and I need a break.)

The next book we’re writing together is going to be a spin-off of the Elizabeth and the Gates of Westmeath series. I’ve been playing with this idea for over 12 years. It was based on a dream Jen had, so I think it’s fitting that she’s going to co-write. I’m so excited.

We’re planning on writing the next book in the Gates of Westmeath in Fall 2022, around the same time that book one will be published.

I couldn’t dream of a better partner in life, parenting, or writing.

I love you Jen,


P.S. Jen also wrote about it on her tumblr:

From Jen’s Tumblr

Sixteen years ago, my husband and I decided to officially date. Best decision ever! Married for 12.5 years, two amazing children, six published books, one published game, a fantastic business, and more! Love you so much, husband of mine.

This year, we took a giant step into the next phase of our relationship; in the middle of a pandemic, while homeschooling one child and the other having free reign, we decided to try to write a book together. It ended up working really well. Not only did we finish the first one in 2.5 months, but we got it betaed and submitted to our publisher before June. It was accepted before the end of summer and will be coming out next Fall (2022). Talk about a whirlwind!

But that wasn’t all! We so enjoyed our world that we wrote a collection of short stories in the spring, and then we wrote book 2 this fall. It took us 2 months and a week this time.

This summer, we also decided to both start learning an instrument. I chose guitar and my husband chose ukulele. We also bought a cheap ukulele for the kids to try out and for me to play when the metal strings on my guitar hurt me too much to practice.

All of this, and we’re still very happily married and excited to work together again. Not only do we have two sequels plotted (bare bones), but we have a spin-off that we’re going to start writing in the new year.

I feel so privileged to be able to be creative like this with my husband. He challenges me to try harder and be better every day.

I played my songs today. I tried using a pick for strumming. Not sure I like it. Feels weird.