Westmeath Heist – A One-Shot Party Adventure

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You are a rag-tag group of thieves, mercenaries, and cut-throats, and Buddy, Westmeath’s most prominent information dealer, has a job for you. You’ll have to avoid superheroes, monsters, gangs, and angry targets if you’re going to pull off the heist of the millennium.

The adventure should take approximately 1-3 hours, depending on the Party.


Westmeath, Canada’s fourth largest city, is the tech hub of North America. It’s also one of the most crime-ridden cities, fueled by three prominent gangs and corporate espionage. It is also a place where magic, aliens, and technology meet. 

It’s July 2002 and the Party has had a few successful jobs, but now you’re ready for something bigger. 

Suggested Backgrounds

The players can be anything they want, but here are some fun choices for their background: 

Aetherborn: Beings created with magic and the human imagination. They are copies of sentient people from mythology or pop culture. 

Aether Hero: Touched by the forces of entropy, chaos, and magic, the Aether Hero must take an extra point in Luck as one of their special abilities. 

Alien: From all over the galaxy, Aliens have innate powers; mostly combat, but a few royals can heal.

Human: Humans are the most adaptable and scary creatures in the universe.

Wizard: Phenomenal cosmic power is at their fingertips, but for some reason it doesn’t work as well in Westmeath. 

Starting: The Rivers and Songs Club

Buddy, a twitchy, nondescript man, sits at a table on the third level of the club. He has a job for the group; a client wants a rare art piece being held in an old single-storey house near the river in Oldtown, Westmeath’s oldest neighbourhood. It’s being protected by members of the Andromeda Syndicate gang. The painting is rumoured to be a lost Group of Seven masterpiece.

There are further details. Payment is 1 million. If the Party negotiates, they can double the money. Buddy has a Mind of 3.

The Party must bring the art to a contact, Jenny, who works at Discreet Frills in the Central Westmeath Mall after closing in three days.

If a Party member is an Aetherborn or Wizard, they can be told that Oldtown is a Community of Aetherborn and is extremely tight knit.

If a Party member is an Alien, they can be told that the Andromeda Syndicate gang is an intergalactic crime syndicate that deals in everything stolen, including people. 


The Party needs to prepare for the heist. They can plan and have access to any tools that were common in 2002. Here are some options for them to get more information.

Hack the house

If one of them is a hacker or computer expert, they can try to hack into the house’s security. The security almost seems sentient. The house has a Mind of 3 to defend itself. 

If the Party succeeds by 4 or higher, they can see that someone else has already hacked the system.


The Party can attempt to watch the house for a day and find out what the guard’s rotations are and what sort of security system is at the house.

They must succeed in a check versus the Andromeda Syndicate soldier, or they’ll be seen. If they are seen, they are attacked, and security is doubled.


Using magic, the Party can surveil without being caught. They must succeed with a 3 or higher and they can get the plans, guards, and security details.


The Party can ask their contacts in the military, police, gangs, Aetherborn Community, or others that could be helpful. They need to succeed on a Mind or Luck check of 4 or higher to get any information.


The library, city hall, and other places could have information. The Party can get information through these means with a Mind or Luck check of 4 or higher.

The House

The house is a simple two-bedroom bungalow with a basement. There is a front and a back door. Each door is monitored by a camera, as is the driveway and the woods behind. Only the water and the air aren’t being monitored.

Outside walking the perimeter are 4 AS soldiers.

Living Room

Opponents: 2 AS soldiers (noise will attract reinforcements from the other rooms) 

The front door opens into the living room. It’s small with two beat-up couches and only one exit to the kitchen / dining room.

Kitchen / Dining Room

Opponents: 1 AS soldier and a man in black tied to a chair.

The back door opens to the Kitchen / Dining room. It has a second door that leads to the basement, an archway that leads to the living room and a hallway that leads to the rest of the rooms. 

If they save the man in black, he introduces himself as the Phantom of Westmeath (a superhero who can control and travel by shadows) and says that he’ll take over from here. He thinks this is a safehouse for the AS and doesn’t know about the painting. A Mind check of 3 will convince him to help you. A failure will cause him to go out and fight the soldiers there.


Opponents: Alien Goo

The first door on the left is a simple bathroom with toilet, sink, and bathtub. The tub is filled with white goo that smells vaguely earthy. 

The Goo will not attack unless someone touches it. If it is hurt, it will call telepathically to the AS soldiers.

Bedroom 1

Opponents: None

The first door on the right is a small room with nothing in it. A Mind or Luck check of 4 will let them find a hidden panel in the wall that appears to be a control mechanism for a self-destruct. 

Bedroom 2

Opponents: 1 AS soldier

The second door on the right is a larger bedroom filled with surveillance equipment and a few alien stun guns. From this room, the AS soldier can view all the cameras and security features. No cameras in the vault.


Opponents: 2 AS soldiers walking around the vault. 

The basement is one large unfinished room with a metal vault in the middle. The vault takes almost the entire footprint. 

The door to the vault is locked with a pictogram-based keypad. A Luck or Mind check of 4 or higher will unlock it. A Body of 4 will allow them to force it. 

The Vault

Opponents: Containment Trap and calls all soldiers still alive

The painting is in a rolled tube set on a crystal pedestal in the centre of the vault. The floor is chequered with white and black tiles. 

The vault is triple trapped. 

Trap 1 is triggered when they step on the black tiles. A check of 4 to identify, check of 2 to avoid once identified. The tiles shock anyone who steps on them and triggers an alarm. Damage is 2 and goes through rubber soles.

Trap 2 is triggered if the party members touch the pedestal. It releases a fireball that fills the vault and triggers an alarm. Check of 4 to identify and disable.

Trap 3 is triggered when the painting is taken off the pedestal. It slams the door shut, removes the air from the vault, and triggers an alarm. Check of 5 to identify and disable.

If not, they must do a Body 6 to keep from being knocked out. The remaining soldiers arrive to stop them after. 


The Phantom requests that the Party let him take a picture of the painting and then disappears.

The painting 

If the Party chooses to look at the painting, they see that it’s an obvious fake. There are ones and zeros around the edge of the painting and more hidden inside the painting itself. Decoding them will show a list of locations. 

Researching the locations with a Mind check of 4 will indicate they are archeological digs and possible locations of interest. An alien will recognize that they are crashed ships, a wizard will recognize locations with magical artifacts.

Discreet Frills

The Party must bring the painting to Discreet Frills after the store is closed. Jenny, a tall brunette with a serious face, meets them and trades it for a briefcase of cash. Jenny runs the moment she has the painting. 

A Mind or Luck check of 4 will let the Party find the small explosive in the briefcase. If they don’t find it, the explosion only destroys the money.

If they disable the briefcase and there’s time in the session, they could be attacked by AS soldiers as a final fight.

The End?

The Phantom stops them and congratulates them on a job well done and/or gives his condolences on the loss of their pay. He tells them that he might have work for them in the future.


AS SoldierAlien GooThe Phantom
AbilitiesStun gun 2
Teleport when killed
Bite 1Shadow weapon 1 Shadows Teleport

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