The Road to El Dorado – JenEric Movie Review

Hello Cinephiles,

Today we’re talking about the 2000 movie The Road to El Dorado.


It’s rare to get a good buddy comedy where the two main characters are good friends and work well together. A lot of films concentrate on the building of that friendship instead of what happens after.

The story isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s well paced and has some interesting things to think about. I like that they mixed up cultures to make it a unique place that can’t be tied to one group of people.

I was not impressed with the angst between the main characters; it felt forced and overdone.

Score: 0.5


It was all very simple stock characters but the dynamic between the main two is superb. I would have expected that adding the girl would destroy the dynamic but instead it added a new dimension that worked.

The bad guy is a walking fantasy stereotype and not all that interesting. Same with Cortes.

The chief played being the dumb fat leader and ended up being the smart wise leader. In both roles he was always kind which makes me happy.

Score: 1


There are so many quotable parts of this movie. Wonderful dialogue and quips. It’s the gold standard for this sort of movie along with Emperor’s New Groove.

Score: 1

Visuals and Music

This was a stunningly animated movie. Beautiful scenery, action, and detail.

The music was okay. It felt very bland and a little overly similar. I kept wondering why I thought of the Lion King. Beyond Elton John (who is always fantastic) it was a very derivative score.

Score: 0.5


The movie made me want more. Two kind hearted grifters trying to make a score and quipping the whole way. Lots of laughs and lot of beautiful scenery.

Score: 1


The movie is fun, non-offensive (except maybe a few sex jokes), and keeps you entertained the whole time. It’s something I’d re-watch without hesitation. The dynamic between the three mains is something I hope to be able to emulate in some of my own writing.

Final Score: 4 Stars

Voltron crew

I am rapidly becoming obsessed with Voltron, and I’m not ashamed of it. This show has great characters, great plot, and great people working on it. It also has incredible fans, like this group here.

Edit to add: new episodes dropping in March 2nd!! This is not a drill!!

l-r Pidge, Lance, Keith, Shiro, Hunk


I adore Toothless as a character, and even more when he shows up at my table! This cosplay was 100% perfect, and totally made my day.

Side note: I really hope no one is confused as to why we nicknamed our baby Dragon – does this help to clear it up though?

Ruff and Tuff

No one is more excited to see Dragons: Race to the Edge on Netflix than Ruffnut and Tuffnut! They fought over who would get to use the TARDIS to come forward in time. But you don’t have to! It starts today!! (Website)

This was my favourite picture from Ottawa Comic Con. They were absolutely perfect!

Astrid and Hiccup

These two really don’t need an introduction. Their movie “How to Train Your Dragon 2” won a Golden Globe for Best Animated Movie this year.


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