Week 35 – Mulan Results

Virtual school went well this week. Dragon listend and danced to all the music at the beginning and applauded when her classmates sang.

Instead of learning a new letter, they reviewed all the letters. I think that means that they finished the alphabet last week. (Tbh, I wasn’t paying attention because they learned the letters out of alphabetical order.) We were given a link to the different vowel sounds, which Dragon enjoyed.

After recess, they read a book. The older students read one line at a time and the younger students repeated. Dragon was paired with her favourite older student. He’s very patient with her. She did a good job repeating, but I’m not sure she associated the sounds of what she was saying with the letters on the screen. That’ll come with time, I guess.

After lunch, they reviewed coding and Dragon got to go through 5 modules with the teacher. She did very well and was very proud of herself. Then she was given a new link with words to practice (above, below, beside, etc). She really enjoyed it and I bookmarked the link so she can continue with it througout the week.

Homeschooling went well this week.


She did ballet 2 times this week.


Piano: she practiced her finger exercises every day this week. Lesson: They started with finger exercises. They added another finger exercise, so she’s up to 3. They did the lesson that uses all five fingers on both hands. They’re working on timing. She’s doing well with the next lesson, but needs to practice timing. Then they did a new lesson, and she got all the notes right, but needs to work on the timing. Clapping and counting is going fine. They did chopsticks; first time through she was slower than she used to, and she was told to speed up, and she had no problems. Focussed and concentrated well.

We have a French playlist that I can play through the Google mini, with a variety of artists.


We did not do any crochet this week.

Basic Information

We are working on yesterday (hier) and tomorrow (demain) around any given day. The months of the year is going well. We’re working on the month before and after any given month. That’s coming slowly.

The saisons de l’année are all memorized. We’re working on how each of them feel and the types of things we can do during each of them.

When I ask her “combien” for any of the above, she responds in complete sentences.

Printing words

Printing went very well this week. Her drawing is of two people who are in love. They are holding books. One is sad because it is raining and he doesn’t want his book to get wet.

Counting objects/math-type activities

She had no problems with the counting worksheet. We counted by 10s to 100 and counted up to 50.

Math went well, for the most part. She’s still fighting me about keeping the larger number in her head and counting up the smaller number. She says that her method is working, so why change it. Except that if she loses count, her method doesn’t work, so… We shall see what happens. (Side note: I only noticed that she’d written her 4 backwards on the second page as I was uploading the pictures. Oops.)


We read stories from the teacher’s outline that was sent to us on Monday. She enjoyed that, and we will continue to do it next week.

We watched Raiponce in French on Disney Plus, one episode a day. Dragon is enjoying it immensely, and is even recognizing some words!


Play with makeup – I had been planning on simply handing over several different eyeshadows and letting her go wild after a minor lesson, but my sister volunteered to come over and teach her the fun stuff.

My favourite part was how she started: “Number one rule about make-up: Make-up is just for fun and for yourself.”

Dragon had a lot of fun trying to put the eye shadow on. She missed a couple times, but she did get some where it was supposed to go!

Fireworks with paint – This was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. Dragon got very frustrated because she couldn’t pick up the paint easily with the back of the fork. So we tried with a spoon, and we tried with a paint brush, but by that time, she was so frustrated that she didn’t want to paint fireworks any more. So I got her a fresh paper and she wrote her name and drew a person sleeping.

Make a puzzle – Dragon got very frustrated with this activity as well, mostly because her art didn’t turn out the way she wanted it to. Let’s just say that she had a bit of a rough week when it came to art. But I managed to get her to calm down and showed her abstract art, which she filled in the rest of the page wiith.

Then we glued the art to a foam board that came with a new monitor that we got. Once the glue dried, I used an exacto knife to cut it into pieces and Dragon got to put the puzzle together. She loves it.

Week 35 – Mulan

I know that Mulan is about her protecting her father, but there are strong mother figures in this movie as well, and I really love this movie.

Here is the link for the downloadable materials. (Please let me know if you have any problems so I can fix it!)

Watch movieplay with make-uppaint fireworksmake a puzzleFlex

Summary of the week

Daily details:


Ballet and martial arts on alternate days


Singing, listening to different pieces, learning piano


The project she is working on (currently she is making herself a poncho)

Basic Information

We talk about the days of the week and play games with the cutouts of the names. We do the same thing with the names of the months of the year. You can find the print-outs here.

Printing words

In download materials

Counting objects/math-type activities

Practice counting objects and writing how many of each type – in download materials

Addition and pattern – worksheet in download materials



Play with makeup

Fireworks with paint (link here)

Make a puzzle (link here)

Next week – How to Train Your Dragon

Ming-Na Wen

We asked Ming-Na if she wanted to have a part in the live-action Mulan that Disney is doing. She replied with a very enthusiastic YES! I said that it was too bad that there weren’t more female roles, and she said she’d be happy to play Mulan’s mother. I think she could pull off Mulan herself, personally. Follow Ming-Na on Twitter here. She’s awesome!

My costume was borrowed from the talented Mysticfae sisters. I wasn’t wearing the wig yet because I didn’t know how to put it on. I loved being the mother of dragons for half a day!

Also, don’t forget that CON Creative Ottawa Nerdscraft fair is coming up fast – one week from tomorrow! Who’s excited? Who’s coming to check out the amazing vendors? Have you been having fun guessing who the vendors are each day?