Come see us at Virtual NerdCon

Hello Coffee and Crochet Lovers!

Tomorrow from 10am – 5pm est, we will be participating in Virtual NerdCon.

Virtual Nerdcon is a nerdy convention hosted in an ACTUAL virtual world! You can customize your avatar, make friends, and shop from actual booths! It has all of your favourite nerdy hobbies and interests for you to shop from AND you can support small businesses! Best part is, you technically don’t even have to get out of bed!

Date: July 10th
Time: 10am – 5pm EST
Price: $1 CAD/ticket

Get Tickets Now

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All proceeds from ticket sales are going to helping Native Women in the community through the charity Native Womens Wilderness.

Native Women’s Wilderness was created to bring Native women together to share our stories, support each other, and learn from one another as we endeavor to explore and celebrate the wilderness and our native lands.

Hope to see you there!

*Update* The Grocer’s Shop / Alimentation L’Epicier Inc. – WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER

Hello My Imaginary Friends,

So last October I wrote a post telling our experiences with The Grocer’s Shop / Alimentation L’Epicier Inc. To say it’s scathing is an understatement.

One of my references that was called, despite our asking differently, signed up with their Quebec branch. They had perfect service and love the product. This tells me that the Ontario side is probably the problem.

Yesterday at 11am I got a call from their head of Customer Retention. He was extremely nice and very polite and asked what he could do to win us back. He was polite, understanding, and repentant. He offered us some free samples and genuinely tried to win me over (the big telecom companies could learn a thing or two from this guy).

Near the end of the call he did ask if I could take the original blog down. This tells me that it might have been the reason for his call and not the official complaint.

I neither accepted any restitution gifts nor will I take down the original post, but I have to give them credit for trying.


Although I can’t recommended them I have heard good things about their Quebec branch and nothing but fantastic things about their product.

The act of reaching out to me (although 9 months latte), apologizing, and trying to make amends tells me that they are not as bad as I first thought.


What are your thoughts?


The Grocer’s Shop / Alimentation L’Epicier Inc. – WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER

***UPDATE: See post here***

Dear Imaginary Friends,

We were approached by a company called The Grocer’s Shop / Alimentation L’Epicier Inc. They effectively deliver meat and dried goods to your house. They said they had local meats that were free from antibiotics and free range etc etc.

The Sales Guy

We thought it sounded like a good idea and decided to hear it out. We made an appointment and a salesguy showed up on time at our house.

I was a little uncomfortable with him to start with. Instead of selling us on his products, he assumed we were getting them and jumped straight into building us a plan.

The References

Next he asked for ten names of people, that he’d call a month after our first delivery, for 20 free steaks. Sounded great, so we gave him the names and he continued to build our package.

Near the end, he looked at the list and said, “You’re missing ten names. I need twenty names.” We told him no and he argued until finally he agreed to give us ten steaks for those names.

The Delivery Date

He then told us a day and time with a 4 hour window for when our meat would be delivered. We shook hands and went on our way.

The day came and we waited. Nothing arrived and no phone call about it.

Head Office

I called the Ottawa Office and found that they were just a message service with no one to answer the phone.

So I called head office. They told me it was terrible and they’d look into it and call me back in a half hour. Two hours later I called and they gave me someone else.

That person apologized and told me that they sales guys don’t have the right to schedule appointments. The date he gave me was the date someone was supposed to call and make the delivery appointment. I asked why I wasn’t called then and they said it was an approximate date.

I asked to cancel.

The Runaround

For the next four hours I called and called and waited on hold. People were at lunch, people were busy, etc. Until finally I got hold of the guy who could cancel. He spent a long time apologizing and saying that it was terrible. Then when I insisted they cancel, he put me on hold for 30 minutes.

The References 2

I made sure to ask them not to call my references. I was pissed with their service. He assured me that they wouldn’t call anyone.

Yesterday I heard from 2 separate people that they had received MULTIPLE calls from them.


If you can avoid this company, do so. They are shady and obviously liars.

If you receive a call from them because of us, I’m really sorry and tell them to F-Off.

I’ve filed a complaint with BBB and reviewed them on both Facebook and Google.

My Review

Terrible service.

Salesperson lied about delivery, lied about the amount of references needed, and then when I tried to cancel, the office gave me the runaround for an entire day. On top of all that, they’re still calling the references we gave despite saying they wouldn’t.

If they can lie about this, who knows about their food.

Later Days,


Recommendation Thursday – Geek Market

Hey Gang,

Crazy week this week.

Big projects at work and lots of stuff going on at home. Mostly my wife is preparing for Ottawa Geek Market.


While I panic about attending Can-Con she’s panicking about selling at Geek Market.

This year It’ll have panels and trivia nights and all kinds of awesome stuff. Also anyone attending Geek Market can get a discount on their membership for Can-Con.

What is Geek Market?

It’s a large arts, crafts, and memorabilia show that specializes in geeky stuff. Ranging from small stores like ours to larger stores like Lost Marbles.

All profits from the show go to charity. It’s a great place to pick up some Christmas gifts.


Go check it out.

Are you going to Geek Market?

What will you be looking for?