Top 5 Insults that are kinda silly

Hello Thinking People,

What a long decade… Wait, it’s only the third year of this decade? Damn.

One of things that I’ve noticed lately is that there’s a lot of insults flying around on the internet. Not all insults are made equal and sometimes they just completely miss their mark.

Nothing will beat the man who said I was argumentative and headed toward divorce. That was really entertaining.

The following insults have been used on me in the past few years and honestly, they just don’t bite as much as people think.

5. Brainwashed

a forcible indoctrination to induce someone to give up basic political, social, or religious beliefs and attitudes and to accept contrasting regimented ideas

I hope they used good soap.

This is honestly the closest to being used properly, but yelling at someone on the internet that they just don’t understand because they’ve been braiwashed…. It’s silly. Feels like a teenage tantrum.

4. Radical Leftist / Antifa

a person or group actively opposing fascism

I am unequivocally against fascism.

Somehow this became tangled up as an opposite version of Nazis. Does anyone who uses this as an insult, truly love fascism? I really don’t get it.

The radical right wants to kill people, the radical left wants to kill inequality, hate, and poverty. I don’t see those as equal.

3. Woke / SJW (Social Justice Warrior)

aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice)

There’s a lot of talk about science fiction becoming woke, or woke politics. It’s another way of saying, “Hey, that person there wants social progress.” When someone calls me woke, I want to tell them thank you.

All joking aside, I think being attentive to the inequalities and issues experienced by others is important. We all have our own colonial, racist, and normative baggage to deal with and keeping an open mind is important.

2. Cuck

So this one is a shortform for Cuckold which means. “a man whose wife is unfaithful.” It’s taken the same meaning as beta-male or soy boy. Effectively, it means effiminate and useless man.

It’s a favourite with the incel movement and really just makes me laugh. There’s something delightfully silly about a bunch of whiny men using a word that is so close to cock as an insult.

Beyond the fact that there’s nothing inherently wrong or weak about being effeminate, it really is a borrowed antique word that is near meaningless.

1. Simp

The word used to mean simple, basicly another abelist slur toward mental disabilities. It’s lately evolved into a verb meaning to do too much for a person you like.

The first time I was called this, I had to check urban dictionary (shudder) and just couldn’t believe that being a loving and attentive romantic partner was considered an insult.

I’ve even seen people use gifs of Gomez Adams to say someone is a simp.

I’d gladly be compared to Gomez… A loving father and husband who thinks of others and works towards the betterment of his family.

In all honesty, sometimes these things get to me. Mostly because I have trouble understanding how people can weigh a human life as less important than money, or just not listen to those that are affected.

I’m not perfect and I’m still trying to learn, but I’m fairly sure calling me silly names on the internet won’t help your cause.

Stay safe and be kind,


So… Really?

Hello My Imaginary Friends,

So it’s the year 2022… Year three of the pandemic… It’s starting to feel like this is the year that our government and society give up on caring.

That might sound melodramatic, but as of Wednesday January 20th, Ontario has seen 10,801 deaths (According to Ontario Public Health). If you compare the deaths between the 31st of December and the 20th of January there’s a difference of 595. That means in the past 19 days Ontario is averaging 31 deaths a day. If the trend continues, we’re looking at probably doubling the deaths this year.

Yet despite rising hospital admissions and deaths, the government has sent unvaccinated 4 year olds back to school and is reopening indoor dining. It’s hard to believe this government cares about those of us who are considered high risk. (Babies, Kids, Immunocompromised, Fat, etc.)

I understand that I’m an extremist in my belief that human life is more important than money, economy, or other such things. I truly wish our government would do radical things like significantly increase spending on healthcare and education.

January is a hard month for me and for a lot of other people. So it’s hard to be hopeful right now.

My wife and I are extremely lucky and I thank the fates everyday for the privilege and advantages we have been given. I’m still sad for those that aren’t as lucky.

We will get through this and I hope that it’ll be with minimal loss of life and even less long term trauma.

Stay safe and be kind.

As they say in Everdome, “May your fractured nights be followed by glorious dawns.”


Please, sir, I want some vaccine

Hello My Imaginary Friends,

The Ontario government said that this week (Week of May 17) the over 30 year olds would be able to book their vaccine.

Unlike most responsible people, I tried first thing at 7am after rolling out of bed. No coffee, no breakfast, not even my morning washroom usage.

Things went fantastically well. (I should have known it was too easy.) I booked an appointment for me and then I tried to book for my wife. She’s only 1.5 years younger so it should have been just as easy… right?


She wasn’t eligible. So I tried my info again and I wasn’t eligible.

So now I had an appointment when I wasn’t supposed to and couldn’t get one for my wife.

What do I do? I called the provincial hotline. They were closed. I waited until they were supposed to be open. Sat through 5 minutes of information, pressed the buttons, was put on hold and the system hung up on me. It happened twice more and then I got to talk to a person.

The nice man at the call centre didn’t know how I got an appointment; we think I clicked something that I shouldn’t have. So he cancelled my appointment. I asked when I’d be eligible and he said he didn’t know.

Now I have no appointment and spent a stressful morning.

I’m sure this isn’t an indication of how the rest of the week will go. (Why do I hear boss music?)

Stay safe and be kind,