Network Television Draft 2019-2020

Hello My Imaginary Friends and TV Lovers,

For the past 7 years I’ve hosted and run a TV Draft / Pool. It’s like a football or hockey pool but with new television shows.

How It Works

  1. Get a bunch of friends over to your house and watch all the trailers for this year’s new network television shows. (List below)
  2. Everyone pays $5. (You can use pretend money or no money at all)
  3. Divide the amount of shows by the amount of people. (There are 43 this year)
  4. Put everyone’s name in a hat, chip bowl, or other receptor.
  5. Pick a name from the receptor and that person gets first pick. Record what that person chooses and have them pick the next name.
  6. Reverse the order of people who picked. (First goes last, last goes first)
  7. Repeat steps 5-6 until everyone has an equal number of shows picked.
  8. Give updates monthly for how well the shows are doing. I recommend TV LineTV By The Numbers, Is My Show Cancelled, and TV Eh? for checking what is and what isn’t cancelled. Although Wikipedia works well too.
  9. At next year’s Draft give this year’s First place 50% of the money collected, Second place 30%, and Third place 20%.

The Points

Points are awarded by how many episodes air and if it’s renewed. All points are tied to the category of the show.

CategoriesPoints Per Episode AiredRenewal Bonus
Traditional American (18-24 Episodes)110
Mini-Series (6-14 Episodes)210
Mid-Season Traditional (6-12 Episodes)215
Unknown /Summer (4+ Episodes)220

The Shows

NameNetworkAnticipated PremiereGenreCategoryTrailer
EmergenceABC2019 – Fallmystery thriller-dramaTraditional Trailer
For LifeABC2020 – Winterlegal dramaMid-season TraditionalDescription
Mixed-ishABC2019 – Fallsingle-camera sitcomTraditional Trailer
StumptownABCUnknowncrime dramaUnknownTrailer
The Baker & The BeautyABC2020 – Winterromantic musical comedy-dramaMid-season TraditionalDescription
United We FallABC2020 – WintersitcomMid-season TraditionalDescription
EndlingsCBC2020 – Wintersci-fi adventureMid-Season TraditionalDescription
Fortunate SonCBCUnknownspy dramaMiniseries (8)Description
Kingdome ForceCBCUnknownanimated adventureUnknownDescription
TallboyzCBCUnknownsketch comedyMiniseries (8)Description
The SoundsCBCUnknownthrillerMiniseries (8)Description
The TricksterCBCUnknowncoming of age dramaMiniseries (6)Description
All RiseCBS2019-09-23dramaTraditional Trailer
Bob ♡ AbisholaCBS2019-09-23sitcomTraditional Trailer
BrokeCBS2020 – WintersitcomMid-season TraditionalTrailer
Carol’s Second ActCBS2019-09-26sitcomTraditional Trailer
EvilCBS2019-09-26supernatural dramaTraditional Trailer
FBI: Most WantedCBSUnknowncrime drama / spinoffUnknownTrailer
The UnicornCBS2019-09-26sitcomTraditional Trailer
TommyCBS2020 – WinterdramaMid-season TraditionalTrailer
TransplantCTVUnknownmedical proceduralMiniseries (13)Description
BatwomanCW2019-10-06superheroTraditional Trailer
Katy KeeneCWUnknownmusical comedy-dramaUnknownTrailer
Nancy DrewCW2019-10-09mystery dramaTraditional Trailer
9-1-1: Lone StarFox2020-01-19crime dramaMid-season TraditionalDescription
Almost FamilyFox2019-10-02dramaTraditional Trailer
Bless the HartsFox2019-09-29animated comedyTraditional Trailer
DeputyFoxUnknownwestern procedural dramaUnknownTrailer
DuncanvilleFoxUnknownanimated sitcomUnknownDescription
Filthy RichFox2019-01-00serialized satirical dramedy Mid-season TraditionalTrailer
NeXtFox2020 – WinterdramaMid-season TraditionalTrailer
OutmatchedFox2019-01-00family sitcomMid-season TraditionalTrailer
Prodigal SonFox2019-09-23dramaTraditional Trailer
The Great NorthFoxUnknownanimated sitcomUnknownTrailer
Bluff City LawNBC2019-09-23dramaTraditional Trailer
Council of DadsNBC2020 – WinterdramaMid-season TraditionalDescription
IndebtedNBC2020 – WintersitcomMid-season TraditionalDescription
LincolnNBC2020 – WinterdramaMid-season TraditionalDescription
Perfect HarmonyNBC2019-09-26musical comedyTraditional Trailer
SunnysideNBC2019-09-26comedyTraditional Trailer
The Kenan ShowNBCUnknownsingle-camera sitcomUnknownDescription
Zoey’s Extraordinary PlaylistNBC2020 – Wintermusical fantasy dramedyMid-season TraditionalDescription

Good Luck,


Teen Detectives

Hello My Imaginary Friends,

I have loved Teen Detective books and movies since I first read Haunted Island by Joan Lowery Nixon and the BSC Mysteries. Even now I can’t get enough of them.

My wife has introduced me to Trixie Belden and I’ve loved the first few books.

I love the fearless and curious nature of these types of characters. I also love the way their victories are fuelled by their innate sense of right and wrong.

My love for these sorts of characters is a big influence on my writing. (Shocking huh?) From Elizabeth, Hal, Rachel and all the way back to Seren, my favourite characters are smart, curious, and dedicated to what they think is right.

Even in their arrogance and intellect these characters are innately hopeful. Solving a mystery means getting to a conclusion, discovering the truth, and often bringing to justice those responsible. It’s cathartic and wonderful in a world that has so many hopeless feeling situations.

And now for a confession. I’ve never read Nancy Drew. It’s on my list for this year; at the very least I should read the first one and see what I think.

Later Days,


Thinking on Covers, Names, and Self-Publishing

Hello my imaginary friends,

I’ve been thinking again about self-publishing. Less about the idea of doing it and more about the puzzle of doing it.

From what I can tell there seems to be 8 parts to it:

  1. Writing the book
  2. Story and Copy Editing
  3. Formatting the inside of the book for various outlets (Ebooks, Print, Etc)
  4. Formatting and producing a cover for various outlets (Ebooks, Print, Etc)
  5. Having the books printed.
  6. Distributing the printed and Ebooks.
  7. Letting people know that the books exist.
  8. Repeat number 7 several times in many different ways.

Written out as a list it looks a lot less intimidating than it does in my head.

Now the problem with self-publishing is that an author isn’t by nature good and doing all 8 steps. I knew that I can handle 1 (I’m close to finishing novel five) I know I can do 3 (I’ve worked as a Layout Artist for over five years now) and I have a good idea how to do 5 and 6 (I also have friend who have offered to teach me how.)

My big problem is 2, I know I need to pay for an Editor and the minute I know if I’m self-publishing, I’m contacting people who can do it. I realize it isn’t cheap but it’ll be worth it.

Let’s leave 7 and 8 for a later post.

Book Covers

So the majority of my thinking has been about 4. I strongly believe that an awesome cover is worth its price. If I self-publish I want the book to practically sell itself. I want to pass by it and say, “That looks awesome I should read that… oh wait that’s my book.”

For The Elizabeth Investigates series, if I self-publish, I want to make sure that the covers stay consistent in style and feel. That means I need, not a cover artist but an artist. I have one person who I know will do a great job but is ridiculously busy with other projects.

I know that there are cover designers out there but I haven’t found one that matches what I write. So I looked on DeviantArt for artists that match certain styles. I found a bunch and I wonder if getting a commission from them would be difficult. I know I’d have to look into copyright issues and so on but I think it might be the best option. I can format the cover myself, what I need is the art.

I’m sure a lot of them will/would ignore me but it’ll be worth a try. I wouldn’t offer anything specific; I’d lay out my needs and ask for a quote. I’m assuming it would be somewhere in the ballpark of $100 to $1000. Dollars but maybe I’ll be surprised.

The next question becomes one of style. Since I write YA, I tend to mix genres a lot. The Elizabeth Investigates series is Urban Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery, with smatterings of Supernatural, Suspense, and Romance. That’s not the easiest thing to show off in a cover.

I could go with the normal YA Urban Fantasy style, like the Percy Jackson or Harry Potter covers, I could follow the Adult duo-coloured Urban Fantasy style, I could go with an old style fantasy cover where they try to put everything that happens into one illustration, or I could go for the simplistic Twilight style of cover. Or do I go for the older Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys style? All of which are awesome.

It depends on what I’m trying to sell the book as. If I go with the old teen mystery books, I’m telling people this book will be similar but with magic. If I go with a darker Urban Fantasy cover I’m telling them that this is a kid’s supernatural thriller.


It’s a lot to decide, I almost think it could be more important than even the title. The best case scenario, I think, would be to get an homage to the old mysteries with the art style of newer urban fantasies. Best of both worlds.

Author Name

The next thing that’s been bugging me is my name. I don’t want a pen name because that would be a pain but I’m trying to decide what variation to use for my writing.

In day to day life I sign my emails and credit card receipts with Éric Desmarais. My full name is Éric Albert Desmarais.

For a long time I considered using my full name but I don’t know, it feels pretentious.

I could use Éric A. Desmarais and I have. The initial makes it seem more literary for some reason. I could also use É.A. Desmarais.

You get the point. It’s an identity thing I guess. Maybe I should just go with Éric Desmarais.


Does the cover affect your interest in a book?

Would the name of the author, who you don’t know, make a difference in whether you bought a book?